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‘Battle: Los Angeles’ Wants You To Believe It’s Real, For Reals

Columbia Pictures has been pushing out clips and press releases trying to convince people that Battle: Los Angeles, opening this March 11, is based on real events. Here is a quick excerpt of what possibly took place 69 years ago, on a February night.

“The event took place during the night between February 24-25, 1942. Never fully explained, these events remain shrouded in mystery and the subject of intense speculation… Beginning shortly after 2 am on February 25, and throughout the night, unidentified objects were reported over Los Angeles and the threat was so unusual that air raid sirens were sounded, and a total blackout was ordered. At 3:16 am, the 37th Coast Artillery Brigade began firing 12.8-pound antiaircraft shells at the objects – more than 1,400 shells were fired over the next 58 minutes as the objects moved south, from Santa Monica to Long Beach.”

A trailer that gives more information on the events has been still playing in theaters on the big screen while you are shuffling into the theater…right between jumbled movie trivia words and an advertisement about some opera playing live or Glenn Beck Live.


Now to confuse us even more, Columbia Pictures has released an Infographic letting us know exactly what type of movie(s) we are going to see this weekend.

I’m pretty sure they could have squeezed a few more percentages in there, just for good measure. So to recap, Columbia Pictures wants you to know this is based on true events. They also want you to know that it’s just a movie, like all those other movies listed in the Infographic. Don’t come looking for a new movie based on a true event…be sure to come looking for that movie with all those other movies thrown in. Did I mention I have the Grab Bag on this one this weekend? Check back this weekend to see my review on a movie based on true events Six other movies.

Are you going to see Battle: Los Angeles this weekend?  Are you bringing a check sheet to mark off when you see the other movies it borrows from?

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