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New Prometheus Clip- The Prometheus Lands

I fully believe that Prometheus is going to be the coolest movie since Lord of the Rings.  It might not beat out The Avengers at the box office but I can’t wait to see it. I’m like a little baby alien just waiting to burst out of somebody’s chest in anticipation for Prometheus.  June 8th opening.

This 1 minute clip shows the Prometheus ship in close up, landing on a strange cloudy planet. I love the hard sci-fi edge I am seeing here.


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Joe Martinez

NERD! Documentary enthusiast. Independent and foreign cinema and historic theater booster. UC Santa Barbara Film Studies graduate. Homebase in Portland, Oregon. Top 10 Films (of this moment) 1. City of Lost Children 2. Black Cat, White Cat 3. Rivers and Tides 4. Sans Soliel 5. Stop Making Sense 6. Big Lebowski 7. Brick 8. 8 1/2 9. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 10. Waking Life