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RLoren’s Top 10 Scary/Horror Movies

RLoren is a sometime contributor/reviewer/guest blogger for Grab Bag Cinema.  RLoren is also a fantastic musician/producer and friend. Through a casual e-mail, I asked for his top five scary movies. In return I got a top ten list that I would venture to say is a top ten Must See list of scary movies. Whether you are a casual scary movie watcher or a die hard horror fan, this list has some great picks.  Read on and take notes for your next horror movie night.

1. Suspiria
Dario Argento’s opus, and the best thing he’s done aside from contributing to the procreation of his gorgeous daughter. Blown out colors, and the famous girl-on-a-rope-through-stained-glass scene. Highly influential, part of a (what else?) trilogy. Watch this and forget Rosemary ever had a baby.

2. The Thing
All horror genre banter aside, this is a beautiful film. Maybe it’s all the white that makes it so pristine, frame by frame. Or maybe it’s the way red blood looks against white snow.

3. Audition
Takashi Miike’s masterwork. Torture has never been so entertaining. This makes his Ichi The Killer endeavour look like child’s play (no pun, Chucky).

4. Hellraiser
This could actually be my favorite. As a series, it definitely is. But I would be remiss in my role as a film critic to not place an Italian at number one. Pinhead, to me, is the standout character of all the iconic horror slashers. I love the way Clive Barker fuses Sci Fi with horror, to produce some of the most memorable moments in the genre.

5. Evilspeak
My obscure pick. Clint Howard playing the role of his life. It is the male Carrie movie you didn’t know existed. A must see if you like low budget scares.

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6. Zombie (aka Zombi 2)
Lucio Fulci’s masterpiece, and hands down the best zombie movie ever made. Yes, I said it. Romero fans might be insulted, but Romero is far better at vampires (see his highly underrated Martin). Peeling flesh never looked so good as in 1979.

7. The Birds
Hitchcock and Ed Wood had something in common: they both knew how to pick leading ladies. Tippi Hedren executes a fine performance in what on paper sounds like the worst film idea in history, yet on screen seals the deal for the finest film Alfred ever made.

8. Scanners
Some say it’s sci fi, but I say that mind control and world domination only add up to one thing in this Cronenberg classic: complete and utter terror.

9. Dead Alive
If you didn’t know Lord Of The Rings director Peter Jackson pulled off the best gore-meets-dark-comedy this side of Evil Dead, you do now. Don’t rent it; buy it.

10. 28 Weeks Later
Despite the art school appeal of the Godspeed You Black Emperor soundtrack, Danny Boyle’s direction, conversations of zombies being symbolic of Western civilization on the verge of full societal collapse, and the rapid sprint of the fiends over their usual slow-motion waddle, I initially found 28 Days later be a complete bore. Despite all that, I eventually learned to love the film, and what’s more, obsess over its sequel. Terribly underrated, 28 Weeks finds Juan Carlos Fresnadillo occupying the director’s chair due to Boyle basking in Sunshine at the time.


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