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“Sightseers” -Best Film of 2013 So Far

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I love dark comedies and the British really know how their stuff with this genre.  Sightseers was recently put into limited release and On Demand here in the US and it’s my favorite film of 2013 so far. Director has a keen eye for finding comedy in the mundane as well as ridiculous violence.  I highly encourage anyone with the stomach for a little violence to check out this film that went under the radar.


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This is one of those films that is much better to know almost nothing about before seeing it. All you need to know of the plot is that a very repressed middle aged woman (played by Alice Lowe who co-wrote the screenplay) is going on a trailer camping vacation with her new boyfriend (Steve Oram, the other co-writer). Things get pretty funny and bloody pretty quickly.


sightseers alice lowe steve oram

Unlike some dark comedies (like some of Todd Solondz’s work) which I enjoy but leave me with a bad taste in my mouth, this film was very entertaining. It’s just the right amount of mild social satire and misanthropy. The film is acted and directed perfectly. It’s a pleasure to watch a little film look so good and be paced so smartly.  Check it out if you get a chance and let me know what you think in the comments.

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Joe Martinez

NERD! Documentary enthusiast. Independent and foreign cinema and historic theater booster. UC Santa Barbara Film Studies graduate. Homebase in Portland, Oregon. Top 10 Films (of this moment) 1. City of Lost Children 2. Black Cat, White Cat 3. Rivers and Tides 4. Sans Soliel 5. Stop Making Sense 6. Big Lebowski 7. Brick 8. 8 1/2 9. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 10. Waking Life

  • Dan O’Neill

    Good review Joe. I didn’t care for this one too much because I felt like the one-joke went on too long and far to really sustain a whole movie, however, I like Wheatley’s sense of humor and style. The guy’s got a special kind of gift that I look forward to seeing more of.