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Alamo Drafthouse Coming To L.A., Partners With Fandango

The Alamo Drafthouse is a movie theater of legend. Not only does Drafthouse show new releases, offer beer and shots…it is also famous for special events showcasing movies of the past. The re-screening of classic films also allows artists to create original posters for the films. I have never had the chance to visit Drafthouse, but I may not have to dream much longer. Alamo Drafthouse will soon have a theater in Los Angeles.

Alamo Drafthouse and Fandango just created a partnership which allows film enthusiasts to purchase tickets for films at the Drafthouse through Fandango. This will make the accessibility of seeing your favorite films, or getting into that special event, much easier.

Alamo Drafthouse offers a menu of food and drinks. People usually take their seats roughly a half hour before the film. Ordering is easy. “Orders before the movie begins are taken in the traditional way. Once the movie starts if you need anything at all, there is paper and pencils at the table, write down what you need on the paper, stand the paper up on the card holder attached to the table.” With a long list of Wine, Beer, Mixed Drinks and Shots available…the movie experience can become that much better.

Here is a short list of some of the events that take place at the Drafthouse:

Sing-Alongs, Quote-Alongs, Big Screen Classics, Terror Tuesdays, Weird Wednesdays, Films & Feasts, Live Score events and more.

You can see a list of their current events taking place in the Austin, Texas area here. Once Alamo Drafthouse has established their claim in Los Angeles, Grab Bag Cinema will be the first to let you all know.

Would you go to a Sing-Along or Quote-Along at the Drafthouse?

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