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One Queue to Rule Them All –

This is a fabulous idea. is a great website for people who have a huge and ever-growing list of films they want to see. Just put a film in your queue and it will tell you if and when it’s available in your desired format (Netflix, Red Box, ITunes, etc).

I hate Netflix’s glitchy queue and now that I only have streaming I love this feature of being notified when a film is available to stream.

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Joe Martinez

NERD! Documentary enthusiast. Independent and foreign cinema and historic theater booster. UC Santa Barbara Film Studies graduate. Homebase in Portland, Oregon. Top 10 Films (of this moment) 1. City of Lost Children 2. Black Cat, White Cat 3. Rivers and Tides 4. Sans Soliel 5. Stop Making Sense 6. Big Lebowski 7. Brick 8. 8 1/2 9. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 10. Waking Life